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Ruby Phelan is an award winning film creator, professional actor, choreographer and dancer. She gained a first class MA at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, a Two Year Diploma at Fontainebleau School of Acting in France and she attended The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. Among her many achievements as a young creative her debut film 'The Mermaid & The Artist' has been recognised at film festivals throughout the world for it's innovation and experimentation. Ruby founded 'Suver Nuver Productions' which is a company that was born out of late night dreaming with her brother and her inspiring collaborators.


           THE MERMAID


              THE ARTIST 

This award winning short film directed, written, edited and produced by Ruby Phelan won 'Best Experimental film' at The Rome Independent Prisma Awards as well as being nominated for 'Best Young director' at Belfast film festival, 'Best Female Director' at Cannes Indie Short Film Festival and 'Best Short Film' at The Rameshwaram Film Festival in India. Whilst on her covid friendly bedroom press tour Ruby was also interviewed on the 'Girls on Film Podcast', 'Radio Reverb' and had a featured section in 'The Brightonian Magazine'. Ruby also conducted a live online premiere so she could share interviews with the cast & crew, behind the scenes footage and of course the film itself with a wide international audience from across the globe. The film questions the male gaze within art and the female body as an objectified muse. When a lonely artist falls in love with a mermaid and becomes obsessed with capturing her image we see him spiral into a world of dreams, fantasy and longing. All the while his 'muse' forms her own opinion of the situation and things become very nasty indeed. This stunningly bold debut combines Ruby's live action storytelling with her hand drawn illustrations and delves into the origins of folklore seaside tales but with a fresh subversion.


         THE REVENGE OF                 THE MUSES 


                                                Hand animated film created by Ruby Phelan about the misremembered legacy                                                                 of Elizabeth Siddall. Originally written music by Ruby Phelan and sung and realised       

                                                                                      by close collaborator Julia Levelle. 



A young man and woman are taken through an experiment with a glass of water infused with LSD. During their trip they explore gender roles and deconstruct their life aspirations. Starring Gabriel Phelan and Fenella Watkins-Hale.



Recent work

Modelling for 'Future Folklore' Summer collection
Playing Christiana Edmonds in Jonah Garrett Bannister's film
Short film 'Happy New Year'
Short Film 'Happy New Year'
Modelling for 'Future Folklore' summer collection
Headshots by Andrew James
Solo dance piece 'Withered'
Short film directed by Jeremy Bannister
NYT production of Little Red Riding Hood
Blood Wedding
NYT production of Little Red Riding Hood
'Spokeeasy' Original cabaret play in Brighton Festival
Headshots by Andrew James
Movement module at Fonact


Ruby is an experienced tutor having worked as a freelance workshop leader with National Youth Theatre and privately with students as a both a movement director and acting director. Ruby is part of the LAMDA directory of teachers and delivers one on one tutoring from her studio in Brighton or via zoom all depending on location. Ruby grew up taking her LAMDA exams and remembers the freedom and passion it gave her for acting and performing. She feels it is important to have a personal connection with each of her students and takes time to really invest in what will serve them as an individual performer. Ruby is currently taking on students for the new year so please get in contact if this would be of any interest to you or anybody you may know.



Please contact about any work enquiries. Ruby will respond very promptly to questions about creative collaborations, work opportunities and any other enquiries.

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